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Build Solutions using our AI Applications
Pricing, Customer Centricity and Market Planning

Gestalt is an AI & Advanced Analytics software products and industry solutions company with application suites in the areas of Pricing, Customer and Product Management.   

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Price it on enables you to make pricing decisions enabled by augmented intelligence. PIO works by incorporating current and historical information on product attributes, customer attributes, market attributes, competitive attributes and other sources. You can configure the pricing AI algorithms to codify your unique model to establish pricing forecasts with projected levels of risk and probability and perform what if analyses on various pricing and market scenarios.


In essence, Price-it-on is a price optimization product designed to bring pricing insights and confidently help determine the best price to market in line with the pricing strategy. It helps tackle complex pricing challenges and accounts for the various interrelated influencing attributes while optimizing the price

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Gestalt’s Customer Insight Manager (GCIM)

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Unleash Excellence in Customer Centricity

GCIM, a suite of customer centric applications, applies the latest Machine Learning and Gen-AI technologies to transform Marketing, Sales, Service and product Management effectiveness and efficiency across and within single and multiple digital and non-digital channels

It facilitates:


  • Knowing what customers have done & when.
  • Knowing how effective the experience has been and how they feel about it.
  • Personalizing every element of their experience.
  • Recommending and guiding them as to what they should do next to achieve what they want.
  • Solving any problems and pain points they have quickly, easily and effectively through improved product & service design
  • Equipping customer service teams with AI driven processes that work best, providing knowledge of each customer, who they are, their current sentiment in their multi-level journey
  • All in real time or near real time

Leading to:


More satisfied and loyal customers, increased business performance for you, greater confidence and lower business operating cost and risks.

Gestalt is an EazyML affiliate offering AI & Advance Analytics products and industry solutions built using our products.  

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We move quickly, implement with precision and bring in the institutionalized approach, proven at some of the world’s largest organizations.

Ensuring Data Readiness

Is the data good enough? Gestalt, through the use of its Augmented Intelligence enabled proprietary tools, identifies and fixes data shortfalls for various measures – from data and model drift to completeness and bias. 

Earning Trust of Experts

Explainable AI – The insights and predictions are accompanied with reasons for the prediction as a simple rule comprising influential predictors and their thresholds.  Each reason also has a confidence score for believability.

Scalable MLOps

To deliver high performance ML models, we leverage automation, traceability, & greater collaboration amongst data, technology and business stakeholders. Standardizing & streamlining continuous delivery lays the strong foundation of security, performance and scale. 

Success Proof in 90 days

Jointly with you and your business stakeholders, application areas for the AI products are identified, data and information is compiled and engineered, products configured, model(s) built and validated, primed ready for deployment.