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Learn it all about your customers to make smarter business decisions

Gather, process, analyze and interpret information about customers based on their action, desires, needs, motivations and opinions.  

Use the insights to effectively communicate and engage with your target customers

Personalize product experience, perform funnel analysis to improve conversion, analyze customer feedback to recognize and address problem areas. 

Today’s customers interact with you across a myriad of channels, on their own terms 

They increasingly demand that you let them interact with you when and how they want to, at any stage of their experience journey, and insist you do so in a hyper personalized way that shows you truly understand and value them 

Knowing your customers requires putting Customer Insights to Work 

Accurate & Deep

Use AI & automated tools for real time insights, respond dynamically


Make insights collection an offshoot of customer interaction activity 


Put Insights to work by connecting them to day-to-day operations

Introducing Gestalt’s Customer Insight Manager

Gain competitive advantage by understanding your customers better

GCIM uses the power of latest AI technologies to expose previously unavailable insights and generate supervised and unsupervised action recommendations transforming your customers’ experiences and your business outcomes.

GCIM can be applied as a targeted application to diagnose and inform improvements in specific or multiple channels or as an operational solution embedded in your business continuously seeking out signals and improvements for one or multiple channels. 

GCIM will enable you to

– Supercharge your marketing, sales and service effectiveness
– Analyze customer interactions in one channel or multiple channels across their journey.
– Better understand customers’ brand perceptions and root causes
– Optimize marketing campaign spend effectiveness
– Better target sales territories and equip sales representatives with better pitch tools
– Reduce complaints and escalations
– Enable service agents to talk to each customer according to their current situation
– Improve customer self care
– Use all of your interaction data and external competitor and market data
– Clearly and easily understand why insights and recommendations were derived
– See confidence scores every step of the way
– Monitor the success of recommendations
– Continuously evolve sophistication and power of insights and recommendations
– On a low cost project by project basis or as an embedded operational capability

Why Price-It-OnTM  v/s Other Market Solutions

While there are a growing number of Customer Insight Solutions available in the marketplace  GCIM specifically addresses a number of challenges they present