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Price It On

Gestalt’s proven AI/ML enabled product for price forecasting and market planning for today’s complex and agile business

Pricing (and accurate market planning) is typically the best lever for increasing profitability.

For the S&P average a 1% increase in price will see EBITDA jump by 9%. All other improvement efforts give lower returns, targeting variable cost at 30% less, adjusting volumes more than 60% less and targeting fixed costs a whopping 80% less impactful on EBITDA.

But pricing is complex. All but the simplest businesses have many different geographies, kinds of customer, levels of market volatility and influences from government regulation to competitors. And it is dynamic with an organization having to constantly sense and adjust to changes in the market including any dynamic pricing related to business closes in B2B models.

Pricing Models can be:

  • Strategic (pricing models of subscription, usage, freemium etc),
  • Product related (competitive positioning, value mapping and pricing variations related to specific features or benefits) or
  • Transactional – decisions at point of sales or point of deal

Market Planning is usually performed well in advance of product launch and needs to be constantly adjusted in the face of changes. And of course, the highly skilled personnel who have the knowledge to be able to support pricing planning and market planning are scarce and put constraints on a business’ ability to be as agile as desired. This combination of complexity, agility, the scale of attributes to be considered and with a need to give your scarce personnel tools to help them be better at what they do and be able to do more of it, makes an ideal application for AI solutions.

Enter Price-it-On

Price-It-On is an application built on EazyML, one of the most innovative AI platforms. It brings AI, ML, Natural Language and Gen AI technologies you can trust to meet the Pricing and market planning challenge, proven over 9 years and 1000’s of clients worldwide in global to local companies.

Price-It on enables you to integrate your product attributes, your customer attributes, market attributes, competitive attributes and other sources. You can configure our standard pricing models to codify your unique model to establish pricing forecasts with projected levels of risk and probability and perform what if analyses on various pricing and market scenarios. Continuously responding to changes in the market as often as you like, from annual repricing to quarterly and even real time initiated by you or in response to market signals.

Additionally if required Price-It-On can be applied to perform Market Planning to summarize and codify the basis for price and revenue forecasts.

This will allow you to:

  • Maximize revenues and profitability.
  • Better balance product mix, product investment and market targeting
  • Achieve better competitive outcomes.
  • Enable your pricing and market planning experts to do more and do what they do better.
  • Be more responsive to changing market conditions.
  • Inject increased agility into your business operating model adjusting resources and investments appropriately.
  • Identify previously unrecognized affinity between customers, markets, and competitors on your pricing success.
  • Easily audit and trace the decisioning, actioning and recommendations underpinning your pricing strategy
  • Perform what if analyses to arrive at the best pricing and market planning strategy.

A trusted solution because we bring:

  • Proof in market in 1000’s of companies for 9 years
  • Companies from 100’s to 10,000’s employees
  • Previous AI models in financial services, insurance, media and telecommunications, distribution, consumer goods, retail and ecommerce, transportation, travel and tourism
  • Independent of any your other technologies but easy to integrate with all your enterprise technologies.
  • Easy to use with easy to create, powerful visualization and dashboard tools.
  • A robust implementation, education and support team to get you started and ensure you continue to generate benefits for the long term.


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