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Contact Center Insight Manager (CCIM)

EazyML’s AI/ML powered insights platform enabling Customer Contact and Customer Experience transformation

The majority of customer interactions are service related. 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a service representative. But the hardest most complex and emotional service enquiries still land with service representatives where the customer expects highly personalized service, a deep understanding of their journey before arriving, effective resolution and clear direction on what if anything they should do next.

The challenge of doing this well is compounded by the number of service agents decreasing, the skills required (and therefore cost per agents) increasing while 78% of customers permanently change how they feel based on a single interaction with the contact center.

To meet your mandate to evolve customer engagement with ever more intelligent digital service requires being highly effective, efficient and agile leveraging the best, most powerful and newest technologies but you want proven solutions you can rely on.

All the while preparing you for your future.

Enter CCIM

CCIM is built on one of the most widely proven AI platforms applied for over 9 years in 1000’s of organizations. Bringing AI, ML, Natural Language and Gen AI technologies you can trust to meet this challenge.

CCIM will enable you to deeply understand your voice, digital self-service and other experience interactions, identify issues, recommend actions and directly drive your real time digital self-service and agent interactions all while being transparent, auditable and easy to use.

The CCIM AI/ML and Gen AI engine, prepackaged models, visualizations  and API’s enable you to:

  • Predict and prevent customer churn
  • Identify new sales opportunities and close more of those you have
  • Maximize product and service engagement
  • Maximize profitability by elevating revenues and reducing operating cost
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve marketing communications targeting
  • Increase personalization of your customers’ multi-channel experiences
  • Improve agent performance
  • Identify previously unrecognized affinity between customers behavior and products, communications and interactions all along your customer journey.
  • Identify improvements to your customer experience journey and interactions
  • Analyze your customer data, voice calls, self-service data, digital data, agent performance data and business data together
  • Easily audit and trace the decisioning, actioning and recommendations
  • Enable full self-service experiences by triggering and informing digital agents.


CCIM is a trusted solution because we bring:

  • Proven in market with numerous G2000 companies over 9+ years.
  • Companies from 1000’s to 50m+ customers
  • Intelligent experience applications and models in financial services, insurance, media and telecommunications, distribution, consumer goods, retail and ecommerce, transportation, travel and tourism
  • Independent of any particular interaction channel technology but easy to integrate with all your customer experience technologies.
  • Easy to use with easy to create, powerful visualization and dashboard tools.
  • The strongest protection of PII and other privacy standards
  • Highest levels of security
  • Multiple languages
  • Integrated intelligent data sourcing, preparation and integration technologies to create your customer interaction database (or we can integrate with yours)

A robust implementation, education and support team to get you started and ensure you continue to generate benefits for the long term.


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