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EazyML – A Smart Transparent AI/ML Platform

EazyML is an industry leading platform for implementing AI/ML, NLP and Data analytics solutions.

IPsoft / Amelia Spinoff

Led by experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI): Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Transparent Machine Learning, that created world renowned and globally deployed Amelia, the Digital Labor Assistant and market leader in conversational AI

Builds Transparency and Trust

Rectifies data and mines insights to help streamline your business process with confidence scores. Ensuring even regulatory compliance through transparency and explain-ability

Recognized as a Leading AI/ML Product

Considered by Gartner as an innovative and leading Transparent ML product – “EazyML provides accurate reasons, accompanying reasons with a confidence score to inform the user of the believability / accuracy of the reason”

EazyML’s Unique Features


Upskilling (with No-Code Platform)
Troubleshooting (with Audit Trace)

Explainable AI

Explain the reasons behind model predictions for regulatory compliance

Trusted human-machine collaboration – sustainable automation Governance of the Workflow

Augmented Intelligence

Mine actionable insights from data
Tune rules/policies/guidelines for better performance
Prescriptive analytics for elevated customer experience