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Our Story

Our vision is to create AI empowered digital workplaces – through AI driven products, solutions and capabilities.

At Gestalt, we understand that the system training & learning that powers AI is bringing new insights and capabilities all the time, enabling organizations to apply them and stay on top. However, imbibing AI and becoming a true digital enterprise doesn’t have to be an overwhelmingly expensive or time-consuming proposition. AI products and accelerators riding on Smart Transparent AutoML platforms, can institutionalize the grounds up approach to drive the AI driven transformation across the enterprise.

Gestalt brings this philosophy to you, armed with powerful and proven AI products and solutions.

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Our Origins

The Gestalt Framework was developed by our founders at Columbia University in New York. It started with the belief that AI & digital is more than just technology. To be successful in the AI era, all business initiatives need to incorporate the learning insights into their digital ways of working, processes and digital-first workforce.

The Gestalt Framework is rooted in the hypothesis that transforming the existing organization using AI & rapidly evolving digital capabilities requires a deeply integrated approach of techno-functional prowess, business domain expertise, and digital way of working. At Columbia, this hypothesis was validated with over 100 senior executives of G-2000 companies across the globe. This framework subsequently led to development of various products, all of which deeply imbibe this philosophy.

Our Name

Origins of the Name Gestalt

The word Gestalt stands for an absolute whole that is more than the sum of its manifested parts. The name evolved instinctively as the founding team was deliberating on what it takes to make AI initiatives deliver on its promise. They concluded that the AI driven success is more than a combination of technical competency, business knowledge, and soft skills. The true gestalt spirit has been a guiding force behind all aspects of our philosophy that powers the Gestalt organization.