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EazyML – Smart Transarent AI/ML Platform

EazyML is an industry platform to implement AI/ML, NLP and Data analytics solutions. An IPsoft Spin-Off, it is led by the team that created world renowned and globally deployed Amelia, the Digital Labor Assistant and market leader in conversational AI

EazyML Core Philosophy – Build Transparency and Trust

The machine explains the reason behind its prediction / insight. The features include

  • Augmented Intelligence
    • Mine actionable insights from data
    • Tune rules/policies/guidelines for better performance
    • Prescriptive analytics for elevated customer experience
  • Explainable AI
    • Explain the reasons behind model predictions for regulatory compliance
    • Trusted human-machine collaboration – sustainable automation
    • Governance of the Workflow
  • Traceability
    • Upskilling (with No-Code Platform)

Digital Maturity Assessment Tool (DMAT)

The Gestalt Digital Maturity Assessment Tool is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that helps organizations assess and benchmark the digital maturity of their workforce. It lays the foundation for successful digital transformation, by providing a clear roadmap and insights to upskill your workforce in line with your digital ambitions. The assessment is carried out on three core digital competencies

  • Digital Proficiency & Mindset: A Digital-First & Learning Mindset for building & running systems and operations
  • Application of Data & DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES – Set of technologies which enable digital strategies, systems and business transformation.
  • Usage of DIGITAL PROCESSES – Processes which are needed to implement internal digitalization. They help reimagine business processes, which enable taking maximum advantage of digital revolution