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Imagine if:

Your Agents can know (at time of call):

  • The customer personality and customer sentiment based on call center and digital interactions.
  • Likelihood to buy, churn or advance in their journey.
  • Personalized recommendations of what to do and what to offer.
  • What to say or do to engage

And your Operations and Business Leaders clearly understood.

  • What is happening in the centers near real-time through real time augmented intelligence.
  • How to automate more calls more effectively
  • How to minimize the business disruption and cost of agent churn
  • Improve visibility and traceability of ROI and activities in the center.
  • How to more effectively cross sell, upsell, avoid customer churn or successfully advance the customer on their journey.
  • How to continuously improve the steps agents should take.
  • Refined data driven personas enabling greater personalization of experience.
  • What works best and does not work.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of agents and the center

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Contact Center Insights Manager (CCIM), is brought to you by Gestalt Digital, is built on the EazyML framework; a state of the art easy to use, supervised and unsupervised, trainable, transparent and auditable, AI/ML platform proven in hundreds of companies across dozens of industries and countries.