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Author: Raj

Wharton blog

Strategies to Develop a Digital First Workforce

“Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” Pablo Picasso spoke these words in 1964, a time when the computer was barely more than a large machine, but his words still ring true today. Technology is only as powerful as the humans adopting and

The upskilling path to AI success

Artificial Intelligence – the new magic wand! You know AI is the absolute next biggest thing. You know it is going to change our world!! It is the little technology trick startups use to disrupt industries. It enables crazy applications we have never thought of

AI to Business

10 steps for applying AI to business

As companies evolve at breakneck speeds, they embrace emerging technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain to become more competitive and dominate their markets. Companies are investing in training their business managers in AI / ML with the belief that it will catalyze

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Strategies for the New Normal

Since the start of the pandemic, unpredictable demand patterns in many industries have led to turmoil in the workforce, corporations, and economies worldwide. Within all this flux, however, there is one overt upward trend. Digital adoption by both consumers and corporations have accelerated. To be