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AI Solutions

Solutions built using the intersection of AI Analytics, Business Functions and Digital Technology

Build AI/ML capabilities in your workforce

Loan Underwriting: Assess Credit Risk Better for Commercial Lending

  • Predict with confidence score if loans will default or be paid
  • Develop leading indicators from financials, operational, web & social media data to complement lagging-indictor financials
  • Use the insight and prediction which helps reduce default, enables to lend more especially to thin-file candidates.
  • Use AI/ML with transparency to meet regulatory requirements

Customer Insight Management: Proactive Real-Time Customer Insights

  • Using best in class NLP, understand customers’ overall sentiment or attitude from chat scripts, email conversations and even voice support conversations
  • Monitor and analyze customer’s unresolved issues and dissatisfaction levels
    • Alert support team of customers with high risk of attrition proactively, in near real time
    • Flag repetitive issues for Product team
Systemized use of data new