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AI/ML Upskilling Program

The AI/ML Upskilling program helps participants learn and apply AI/ML suite of technologies & best practices to their business & become AI/ML business champions for their organization.

The programs are built on real-world use scenarios, datasets, expert mentorship to enable usage & integration of AI / ML in business. The teams will learn how to identify & define use cases suitable for their work operations.

Highlights of the Program

Industry Digital Landscape

Digital pulse check to experience & understand the digital impact on the industry, functions & the roles, across technical and functional domains.

Digital Possibilities

Reimagine business functions leveraging latest digital developments across technology & functional dimensions, using first principles approach.

Digital-First Mindset

Practice attributes of Digital-First approach to every challenge & opportunity, instinctively working through and learn, explore & adopt new technologies.

Digital Methodologies

Experience elements of digital way of working specifically agile operations, data driven decision making & digital storytelling.