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What is Digital Talent?

Is it a technology professional who can act digital? Is it a digital native, who knows the way around all kinds of hardware and software gadgets? But are they adept at deriving the maximum benefits from rich digital tools & technologies?

Some of the things a true digital talent must be able to do:

  • Leverage digital tools to troubleshoot & solve problems
  • Have the mindset to explore and work through new tech
  • Discover and analyze data & information in the fastest & most efficient way possible.
  • Imagine what is digitally possible


The list of skills required to get to Digital Talent keeps growing. Explore, Experiment, Innovate, Comfort with Ambiguity, Agility, Speed & Responsiveness, Customer Centricity, the list goes on. How do you acquire all these skills? Go through an online training program? Go through a 2 day workshop by Learning Management Unit of the organization or through the executive education of a notable university?

The pathway to digital talent is to develop a learning mindset. If you are not born digital, unlearn what does not work in the current context, consciously and methodically. Combine that with learning new skills in a digitally immersive ecosystem, with experiential learning. If you are born digital, pick up some of the institutional knowledge of the organization, understand the challenges in the business environment, and start applying your digital lens to it.

What organizations need today is Digital Talent that THINKS & ACTS digital, and one that REINVENTS & DISRUPTS their own environment to improve overall design, experience, speed & productivity.

Published by Nidhi Makhija on May 17, 2019