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Digital Transformation:

Build the motivation & Imperative to be an active participant in the digital journey

Build the digital mindset & soft skills in addition to technical foundational skills

Improve Digital Adoption of the technical systems

Enable digital culture through digital methodologies like agile, data driven decision making and design thinking

The Road to Successful Digital Transformation Goes Through a Digitally Upskilled Workforce

Drive Digital Adoption

A digitally upskilled workforce excitedly participates in conceptualizing, building and adopting the Digital Systems

Imagine Digital Possibilities

A digitally upskilled workforce can imagine what is digitally possible; drive innovation both incremental and path breaking!

Immersive Process

The participants will be able to fully understand the purpose & potential of the system and will be an excited & willing actor in the journey

Assess Upskilling Needs

Gestalt uses Digital Maturity Model covering xx attributes and competencies to assess upskilling needs for individuals, teams and entire organization.

Develop Custom Training Roadmap

Gestalt develops a roadmap for roles, functions, teams using for meeting their upskilling needs and customized programs

Execute Managed Upskilling

Gestalt training programs are designed for accelerated upskilling and on-the-job mentoring to create learning that sticks with individual and improves learnability.