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Building an engaged, high performance,
digitally savvy virtual workforce

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Thursday April 23, 2020 at 12PM EST, 9AM PST

Working digitally and virtually isn’t necessarily harder than traditional working models (ask any 21 year old), it just requires different practices and skills. The current crisis, which is making almost the entire workforce work remotely, provides a compelling and critical opportunity for you to rethink and activate new ways of working, even transforming your organization and culture. This webinar focuses on the theme:

How to develop new operational muscle, behavioral norms and methods, to work effectively & succeed in an increasingly virtual world which now may have permanently changed.

Join 2 CEOs and an Adjunct Professor from University of Berkeley, who will share their perspectives on:

  • The challenges of maintaining the highest levels of productivity and engagement with dispersed teams, feeling organizationally disassociated, only connected through impersonal texts, emails and occasional audio / video calls.
  • Best practices for communication & collaboration, beyond technology tools.
  • How leaders actions contribute to (or undermine) organizational behavioral change for a more engaged, connected, collaborative and productive workforce.
  • How to navigate technology challenges, including using your existing technology more effectively.
  • How to foster your digital-first culture, elevating experimentation & innovation, in an environment of change and uncertainty, consciously practicing & developing your required culture & values.

Gestalt, is a leader in helping organizations develop a more effective, digitally empowered workforce. Gestalt believes that this virtual working model, managed well and enabled by technology, could become your organization’s new core competency.

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Featured Speakers

Rajesh Makhija

CEO, Gestalt Inc

Harjiv Singh

CEO, Gutenberg

Michael Hinshaw

President, McorpCX
Richard Holton Teaching
Fellow, UC Berkley