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Experiential Learning Programs 

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

Gestalt programs focus on making participants develop a digital way of working, which in turn is anchored in digital mindset. The mindset of continuously exploring & working through technology. Knowledge is key but by itself, it is not understanding. Digital Mindset in fact is formed by doing & experiencing, enough to change the behavior & make digital a way of working. That is the key to building digital capabilities, applying it & realizing its benefits.

Gestalt runs its programs through story-driven workplace scenarios, through in-person, virtual & guided self-service sessions. These are highly engaging, action oriented and made very relevant to the field of work of the participants. These have led to lasting change in the participants behaviors and develop a digital-first mindset. A mindset, where they instinctively think of a digital solution first when faced with an opportunity or a challenge.


Digital Leadership

Imagine digital possibilities, enable digital culture

Customer Centricity

Derive customer intelligence & develop empathy, improve customer experience


Agility and Operational Efficiency

Use new digital technologies to derive higher efficiencies

Data Intelligence Technologies

Data Intelligence

Ask key questions & identify the data, analysis & tools required to get the answers

Digital Enterprise

Enhance org wide digital maturity, develop (almost) native digital mindset & culture

Anatomy of a Gestalt Upskilling Program

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