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Enterprise Digital Academy in USA

A co-created learning system to continuously enhance digital capabilities in the workforce

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Enterprise Digital  Academy (EDA) is an institutionalized upskilling platform, armed with learning pathways, processes, methodologies, tools, content, and measurement systems, enabling your organization to digitally upskill its workforce and build the digital culture. 

EDA is replete with self-learning programs, instructor lead remote/ in-person sessions, group and individual exercises and a reward system for continual learning. It can help provide the foundation for digital culture across the organization with large-scale teams upskilled for the digital-first way of working, effectively leading to the development of a digital enterprise, with an environment that is inspired, connected and informed. 

The EDA helps run customized learning programs  around the following three digital capability areas

Digital Foundations

Demystifies digital with exercises to discover, learn and adopt digital-first thinking. Comfort with thinking of digital solutions to everyday work issues

Digital Technologies

Hands on exercises to deeply understand chosen technology areas e.g.  AR / VR, AI / ML, RPA, IoT, Digital Twin, Computer Vision, Blockchain, 5G. Areas selected based on relevance

Digital Methodologies

Immersive learning on selected methodology areas E.g. Data Driven Decision Making, Big data, Design Thinking, Agile Methodologies, Digital Sales, Digital Story-telling, Predictive Analytics

Characteristics of an EDA: 

Plug & Play: A modular approach, designed to seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise learning systems.   

Co-Created: A program co-created with the client organizations to enable highly relevant internal upskilling capabilities for scalable learning.  

Flexible: Provides multiple learning modalities and pathways based on business objectives and the digital maturity of the organization.  

Custom Learning: Immersive exercises are customized to the needs and learning priorities of the organization.  

Learning organization: Focus of EDA is to create the learn to learn culture and sustained learning.