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Develop AI/ML Solutions

The AI/ML journey from plan, design & development to deployment & operations



  • Identify use case and the outcome, Define scope and success criteria
  • Identify the target area, either from pre-defined industry use cases or from a company specific pain point
  • Identify data sources, Review data dictionaries, making sure the data aligns with use case requirements
  • Confirm understanding of current data pipeline, tools & architecture
  • Deliver a project plan


  • Execute the Data & AI process and develop the solution
  • Data engineering to assemble, clean, normalize, cleanse and consolidate
  • Iterate over augmented intelligence to ensure data quality SLAs are met
  • Build the use case using EazyML UI and/or API or the Analytics toolset. Ensure that the SLAs for insights confidence score and/or model performance are met
  • Weekly cadence and Readouts


  • Review KPIs, Identify success/risk factors for rollout
  • Deliver and review operation plan with Customer IT (op-prem, cloud)
  • Assist Customer IT w/implementing the operation plan
  • Provide user training, assist w/UAT
  • Actively manage & run the programs
  • Continuous monitoring and support