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Data Intelligence Technologies

For executives to develop ability to ask key questions and identify & use data for analysis, visualization & insights to answer them

Data Intelligence Technologies

Gestalt offers multiple programs to enhance participants data intelligence. It is a continuum from developing data skills for deriving insights from the analysis; having proficiency in visualizing data for decision making; and developing the critical ability to ask key questions and  identify & manage data required to get the answers.

Highlights of the Program

Data Intelligence Digital Landscape

Digital pulse check to experience & understand the elements of data management, visualization, analysis & decision making

Digital-First Mindset

Practice attributes of Digital-First approach to every challenge & opportunity, instinctively working through technology and having an adaptive & learning mindset like digital natives, to explore and adopt new technologies

Data Intelligence Technologies

Understand, apply & practice on data intelligence technologies & tools across the following areas:
Data Search & Discovery
Patterns & Analytics
Reporting & Dashboards
Machine Learning

Data Driven Decision Making

Experience elements of data driven decision making specifically data thinking aligned with the strategic goals & initiatives, self service approach access & process the data through tools and developing community & culture of data driven decisions.