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Data & Analytics Solutions

Solutions that rapidly turn information and data into actionable insights … faster. 


Voice of Customer Analytics

  • Listen to your customers – Use data from the customer journey on what they do, not just what they say. Analyze and understand their perceptions at critical points of their journey, which define their experience, from solicited surveys to social media and beyond.
  • Analytics & AI driven Insights – Select the right metrics to understand experience and accordingly detect patterns and predict what will likely happen across channels and behaviors
  • Move from Insights to action: Use insights to chart a path to improved experiences and engagement, leading to ROI through greater wallet share, acquisition and retentions.

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

  • Extended planning framework: Enhance the traditional FP&A landscape by integrating business operations data from various departments and getting a consolidated coherent view of business.
  • Improve FP&A prediction: AI enabled predictions will have better accuracy. AI apps can detect anomalies and mistakes and thus inspire confidence for making decisions.
  • Smarter FP&A teams: By bringing in intelligent automation using AI, repeatable and tedious tasks get more efficient and teams can focus on interpretations and making recommendations