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Customer Experience Management

AI / ML Applications and Use Cases

Gestalt brings pre-built AI analytics enabled solutions and has invested in (& matured) building a methodology which helps our clients institutionalize AI/ML solutions within their organization.  We bring to every project well defined frameworks, templates and best practices which accelerate the delivery and adoption of AI enabled solutions.

Key solutions detailed below, which have been developed in close association with various clients, have relied heavily on using advanced Anomaly detection and Transparent Machine learning capabilities of EazyML.

Customer Insights:

Use EazyML NLP’s to mine call center logs, determine the top issues confronting your customers, find premium customers who have festering issues, determine how strongly they feel about it, and if it leads to a heightened propensity to (soft/hard) churn. We have typically seen improvements of about 7-10% with our existing clients

Understanding Voice of Customer by using EazyML’s NLP engine:

  • Get critical insight into customer behavior. Thru social listening by mining data from social media, blogs, news articles, feedback from retail
  • What’re the top current issues about your products uppermost in customer’s minds, how strongly they feel about it, do their issues get resolved, and if they pester, does it make them susceptible to (soft) churn?
    • Get the answers in automated fashion and in real time

Understand Customer preferences better.  

  • With the help of sales agents, dealer network and online channels, collect the data on customers and their characteristics particularly of those who evaluate your products but prefer competition, and based on the reasons unearthed, implement prescriptive analytics to arrest this behavior.