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Immersive learning

As the organizations undergo digital transformation, often the employees who have the strongest functional and institutional knowledge tend to check out. This is largely due to the fact that digital way of working requires fundamental change in the employee mindset. Organizations need to ensure that they harness the business knowledge of these employees, weave digital in their way of working and thus reap the intended benefits from their digital initiatives.

This is what Gestalt is passionate about. We strongly believe that mindset can (only) change with experience. Through experiential immersive learning, it is indeed possible to shift mindsets and culture, to align with the organization’s digital strategy & way of working.

Gestalt proprietary methodology for talent development drives digital skills training through experiential learning performed during simulated workplace scenarios, in both in-person as well as virtual setting.The focus of Gestalt immersive training is to train the participant mind to think digital and apply digital technologies for business impact. 


Some of our immersive learning methodologies include :-

Digital Simulation


In situation content like videos, study material, expert suggestions